What’s hot in women’s lingerie and pajamas?

You can make a secret in Vitoria, let you on what is soft, sexy teddy lingerie at the forefront, with the current popularity of lingerie and pajamas. Some of the latest fashions and the most popular fashion trends will appear on the runway of the 2017 secret fashion show in Vitoria. Here are some amazing new ones that offer perfect fusion, sexy, beautiful style.

Velvet is a secret service to the present and Vitoria, sweet silk teddy lingerie, from elegant kimono to shiny velvet, teddy bear, thong, bralettes, bra and slips. This plush fabric slides gently over the skin, making you feel luxurious from morning to night.

Everyone loves the secrets of the sun and Victoria to help you add some shiny, shiny new look to your lingerie. Thick skinned light lace wire with a little gold or silver pants, halter, Teddy bear, Balconet Bras and more. A new lace trimming, satin sliding feature, subtle lace side panel sexy reveal.

Push up bras is an essential staple food and Vitoria’s secret underwear launched several new styles, including very sexy lace collars Chantilly push up bra, this is a lace bra, with dramatic incision. High in the neck and tilted at the front, this work provides a very sexy, feminine version of the popular bra style. It has three colors: Lust (Shen Hong), Black, and classical lavender.

The new dream angel demi bra has “elastic lace edge” and “soft memory lining” and very sexy Quilted Satin bra with “softer, filled with a more natural feel.” “For those who still like the everyday appeal of soft T-shirts and bras, Vitoria’s secrets now offer a beautiful, full coverage option.

High neck project still to the very sexy teddy lingerie lace collars Chantilly. A in DREAM ANGELS LACE BRA Tactic turtleneck, gloss turtleneck very sexy and sophisticated, but dramatic very sexy lace collar Tactic bear. In the latter, pure, unlined Teddy provides the most sexy style, shiny. It has both sides and back of the cage, and the bottom of the thong is slippery. The style of the neckline is opposite and somewhat attractive. It is the feminine charm and the Vitoria style is hot a secret.

Is there a better way to keep cozy and warm winter wind blowing into a pair of soft flannel pajamas? Flannel is a classic, timeless, comfortable and comfortable fabric. The secret new lounge in Vitoria, the PJ Henley coat and flannel bottom set, is “softer than ever” with a hint of stretch.” It’s lightweight, and it’s not too bulky. If you’re looking for a more classic, have a traditional flannel PJ button on flannel to match lightweight pants, and also use “implied stretch.”

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